A local, elderly woman was recently injured at a Hinesville grocery store when an improperly designed display collapsed on her causing her to hit her head on the hard floor.

Previous to this accident, she was an independent senior capable of living alone, driving, and running every day errands.  Post accident, she can no longer drive, cannot live alone, and now needs neurological help. Needless to say, this was a life-changing experience.

The local grocery store was unwilling to settle with the woman until Cap Russell, of Jones, Osteen, and Jones, filed suit against the grocery store for their negligence.  With Mr. Russell’s help, the two parties were eventually able to settle for a significant, but confidential, amount.  Because of this, Mr. Russell and the lady’s family were able to get her the compensation she deserved without the traumatic event of putting an elderly woman on the witness stand.

A spokesman for the family stated, “Cap provided excellent representation and advice.  He was extremely patient and responsive to all of our questions which resulted in a satisfactory outcome.

Reached for comment, Mr. Russell said, “I’m honored to have the opportunity to make my client whole again.”