Premises Liability

Slip and falls, criminal assaults at commercial establishments (i.e., bars, restaurants, shopping malls, apartment complexes, parking lots, etc…), dog attacks, pool drownings and other harmful events are all too common yet many people who suffer an injury or have a loved one killed do not know that they have rights. You do have rights.

Premises liability is a legal principle designed to place liability for injuries or death onto the building owner or property owner.

Georgia property owners are required by law to protect their customers, tenants and other guests who are lawfully on their property from unreasonable dangers that the property owner knows about. These dangers include slippery floors, uncovered or unfenced swimming pools or borrow pits, falling merchandise, dangerous animals, and criminal activity. Georgia law requires property owners to be aware of these dangerous conditions on their property and to correct and/or warn their customers, tenants or other guests lawfully on their property about these dangers so they do not get hurt or killed. When an owner chooses or otherwise fails to correct the unsafe, dangerous condition and someone is injured or killed, the injured person or the family of the person killed may have a claim for money damages.

At Jones Osteen & Jones, our experienced attorneys know how to thoroughly investigate the injury, identify, or rule out, all potentially responsible parties and pursue the proper parties to effectively and efficiently represent your interests and maximize your recovery. If you or a loved one have been involved in a premised liability incident resulting in injury or death, contact Jones Osteen & Jones today for a free consultation, and let us assist you in determining if you have claim.