18-Wheeler Wrecks

Most lawyers (even those who claim to be trucking lawyers) do not really understand how different an 18-wheeler accident case is from a regular car accident case. As our experience has taught us, from the outset of the case, 18-wheeler accident cases need to be developed differently than a typical car accident case to realize the full value of the case.

Why are 18-wheeler accident cases different than car accident cases? – Trucking companies have teams on ready to protect them. Do you?

First, the trucking companies are much more aggressive in protecting themselves than the average driver. Remember, they get a call from the truck driver or the police right away and have teams of experts available 24 hours a day to respond to the scene, begin collecting evidence and start to protect their rights. This happens while the accident victim(s) are unable to speak to a lawyer or get an investigation of their own started. Trucking companies have a leg up at the beginning. Imagine their advantage. They get to see the evidence right away. They get to speak to the police about it. They get to speak to the witnesses first. They get a big head start.




You need a lawyer with a team of experts ready to protect you and your family.

Why are 18 wheeler accident cases different?

The Law is Different

While everyone is required to adhere to the rules of the road, there is an entire body of federal and state law that applies to commercial motor carriers (also known as 18-wheelers) that does not apply to regular car drivers. Most lawyers have never read these regulations in detail. You want a lawyer who has studied these regulations and knows them well. It is critically important to maximizing your results.

18-Wheelers are Different than Cars

18-wheelers are different than cars. There is data that can be downloaded from the engine and brake modules (if you get to them fast enough) that can help determine the truth about what happened and can tell the story of the driver’s conduct leading up to the accident. This data is vitally important to test the validity of the investigation and what the driver says happened. The data does not lie. Drivers sometimes do. Also, the reconstruction of 18-wheeler accidents requires understanding what happens when something very big and heavy hits something much smaller and lighter. The mass differential is huge and this increases the injury potential exponentially.

Picking the Right Lawyer

As shown above, 18-wheeler accident cases are very different than typical car accident cases. You need a lawyer with special experience and knowledge. Many lawyers will tell you they have experience with these cases, but not all lawyers are the same. We are leaders in the field and our experience speaks for itself. If you or a loved one have been injured by an 18-wheeler, contact Jones Osteen & Jones today for a free consultation, and let us assist you in determining if you have claim.