Since Judge Teresa Odum’s election victory in the June 2020 Long County Probate Court election, the law offices of Jones, Osteen & Jones have proudly represented Judge Odum in an important voting rights case.

During a three day trial in September 2020, the losing candidate and his attorney attempted to overturn the results of that free and fair election by arguing that 30 ballots cast by Long County voters should be discarded.

Following a trial in the Superior Court of Long County, Judge Odum, represented by JOJ attorney Luke R. Moses, obtained a ruling from the Long County Superior Court upholding the results of the Probate Court election. The losing candidate in the election appealed this decision to the Georgia Supreme Court.

On August 24, 2021, the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the decision of the Superior Court, upholding the results of the election.  Following the ruling, Moses stated, “This landmark ruling by the Supreme Court ensures that voters all across Georgia will be afforded additional protections in Georgia elections for years to come. Rather than disenfranchising the validly-cast ballots of dozens of Long County voters, the Supreme Court agreed that a voter’s will trumps any alleged technical error on that voter’s ballot.”

Print and television media across the state have extensively covered this important case and our office is honored that we could assist in protecting the will of the voters not only in Long County, but all across Georgia.

If you are interested in learning more about this case, you can watch Moses’ recent interview with Fox 5 News Atlanta at or read the Coastal Courier’s recent article about this case at